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Masoneilan - Reciprocating Products

21000 Series - Top-Guided, Unbalanced Globe Valve
The Masoneilan 21000 Series control valve is a heavy top guided globe valve design featuring noise attenuation and anti-cavitation trim options.>> Read more

41005 Series - Cage Guided, Balanced Globe Valve
The Masoneilan 41005 Series control valve is a cage-guided globe valve design with balanced trim configurations.>> Read more

28000 Series Varipak® - Microflow, Adjustable Capacity Globe Valve
The Masoneilan 28000 Series is a globe style control valve designed specifically to handle microflow applications.>> Read more

10000 Series - Top and Bottom Guided, Double Ported Globe Valve
The Masoneilan 10000 Series control valve is a double ported design with top and bottom stem guiding.>> Read more

25000 Series - Stem Guided, Self-Draining Globe Valve
The Masoneilan 25000 Series is a stem guided control valve with a self-draining body design.>> Read more

80000 Series - 3-Way Control Valve
The Masoneilan 80000 Series 3-way control valve is designed for either combining or diverting flow applications.>> Read more

2600 Series Split Body - Split Body, Stem Guided Valve
The Masoneilan 2600 Series control valve is a versatile split body design with stem guiding and quick-change trim.>> Read more

700 Series Anti-Corrosion - Corrosion Resistant, Split Body Globe Valve
The Masoneilan 700 Series control valve is a split body design with PTFE internal lining for use in highly corrosive services.>> Read more