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Masoneilan - Instrumentation

SVI® - Smart Valve Interface
The Masoneilan Smart Valve Interface is an intelligent digital valve positioner and PID (Proportional Integral Derivative) process controller..>> Read more

SVI® II - Digital Positioner
Accurate, Scalable, Robust Control Solutions for Today and Tomorrow..>> Read more

ValVue® Smart Communications Software
ValVue Smart Communications Software interface is used to configure, calibrate and perform valve diagnostics using HART communications protocol..>> Read more

4700P/4700E Pneumatic Positioners
The Masoneilan Model 4700 positioner assembly is a modular design that can be configured as either a pneumatic or an electro-pneumatic device..>> Read more

Model 7000 I/P Transducer
Model 7000 is an electronic I/P transducer for field-mounted process control applications.>> Read more

8007/8008 Electro-Pneumatic Transducer
The Masoneilan® Model 8007 and Model 8008 are electro-pneumatic transducers using a force-balance type design..>> Read more

Model 8012/8013 Electro-Pneumatic Positioners
The Masoneilan Model 8012 and Model 8013 electro-pneumatic positioners provide excellent dynamic response and positioning accuracy..>> Read more

12300 Series Smart Level Transmitter & Controller
The Masoneilan 12300 Series is a digital level transmitter and controller.>> Read more

12000 Series - Liquid Level Control Instrumentation
The Masoneilan 12000 Series line of liquid level control instruments include pneumatic controllers, pneumatic transmitters, electronic transmitters, and mechanical level switches.>> Read more

496 Series Rotary Electric Switches
The Masoneilan Series 496 rotary switches are used to provide electrical indication of predetermined stroke positions of a control valve..>> Read more

FVP - Fieldbus Valve Positioner
The Masoneilan FVP Digital Valve Positioner offers highly advanced control technology for pneumatically actuated valves, providing higher precision, greater flexibility. .>> Read more