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Masoneilan - Engineered Specials

77000 Series - High Pressure Control Valve
The Masoneilan 77000 Series Lo-dB valves provide excellent control of compressible fluids under high pressure.>> Read more

78200/18200 Series - LincolnLog® Valves
The Masoneilan 78200/18200 Series LINCOLNLOG valves provides smooth and accurate capacity control in liquid applications.>> Read more

78000 Series Valve - High Pressure Control Valve
The Masoneilan 78000 Series control valves are designed to handle high pressure conditions through. >> Read more

79000 Series - High Pressure Anti-Cavitation 6Control Valve
The Masoneilan® 79000 Series are high-pressure control valves featuring the VRT (Variable Resistance Trim) anti-cavitation trim. >> Read more