Plant | On site calibration of valve positioners, diagnostics of valves are also carried out.

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Dresser Al-Rushaid Valve and Instrument Co Ltd., has 2 Nos. fully air-conditioned, dust proof factory sheds each with an area of 2250 sq. mtrs (25,000 sq. ft.) equipped with the latest in manufacturing and testing equipment.

Strict conformance to Dresser's Manufacturing & Quality Assurance procedures, ensures all products made by Dresser Al-Rushaid Valve & Instrument Co. Ltd., have the same field performance as those made in Dresser plants in the USA and worldwide.

Care and attention are given to every product from its inception to final assembly.

The end result: a through engineered product that is precise, dependable and durable in the extreme climatic conditions prevailing in Saudi Arabia and the Arab Gulf States.Plant 2Plant 1

Plant - Consolidated

  • Centre lathe
    Centre lathe
  • Assembly completed valves
    Assembly completed valves
  • After production waiting for customer inspection
    After production waiting for customer inspection
  • Computerized test benches
    Computerized test benches
  • Consolidated individual certification
    Consolidated individual certification
  • Consolidated quality control room
    Consolidated quality control room
  • Documentation and engineering department
    Documentation and engineering department
  • Finished Pilot operated SRV
    Finished Pilot operated SRV
  • Lapping Machine and room
    Lapping Machine and room
  • Mobile work shop
    Mobile work shop
  • Painting booth
    Painting booth
  • Received valves after Painting
    Received valves after Painting
  • Sand blasting machine
    Sand blasting machine
  • Springs stored in stores
    Springs stored in stores
  • Consolidated store
    Consolidated store
  • Valves stored in stores
    Valves stored in stores

Plant - Masoneilan

  • 100T Hydrotest bench
    100T Hydrotest bench
  • 150T Hydrotest bench
    150T Hydrotest bench
  • Assembly shop
    Assembly shop
  • CNC Machine
    CNC Machine
  • Finished Products waiting for inspection
    Finished Products waiting for inspection
  • LATHE NH-26
    LATHE NH-26
  • Machine shop
    Machine shop
  • Masoneilan certifications
    Masoneilan certifications
  • Masoneilan store
    Masoneilan store
  • Parts for saudi aramco VMI
    Parts for saudi aramco VMI
  • Spare parts storages
    Spare parts storages
  • Special Valves supplied to dealim
    Special Valves supplied to dealim
  • Stocked actuators
    Stocked actuators
  • Ventil test bench-2
    Ventil test bench-2
  • Stocked valve bodies
    Stocked valve bodies
  • Milling machine
    Milling machine